10 Expert Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hair
joskinreviveadmin-April 29, 2022
If you are someone who regularly waxes or shaves to get rid of unwanted body hair, you are sure to be familiar with ingrown hairs. These tiny annoying bumps look similar to pimples, resulting in itching and skin irritation. But what exactly causes the ingrown hairs? When a hair follicle is trapped under the skin [...]
Premature Greying of Hair
joskinreviveadmin-March 30, 2022
Scalp hair is integral to the public persona you portray and contributes immensely to your self-esteem and confidence. Hair gets its color due to melanin synthesis in the hair follicles, which slow down with age, reducing melanin levels, thus turning hair grey. But, under certain other circumstances, you can get premature grey hair, leaving you [...]
Laser Hair Treatments
joskinreviveadmin-March 14, 2022
Shaving and waxing are great when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair instantly. But unfortunately, the effects don't last beyond a few weeks. So if you don’t want the hassle (as well as the pain) of shaving or waxing your hair, maybe it's time to look for a more lasting solution. Laser hair [...]